The Avett Brothers have publicly stated they are working on their tenth studio album and that it will release in 2019.

It will be their thirteenth album overall, not including promotional EPs or live albums. This will be the fifth Avett Brothers album produced by Rick Rubin on his American Recordings label.

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In a June 2017 interview, Seth Avett stated:

Because the family life has gotten much more segmented for Scott and I, we have to be much more purposeful about time because our days are so full with our families. (Creating new music) is going on for sure — we’re a few sessions in. I don’t know if the recording process will be for a next record or just getting on the same page, but the answer is absolutely, we are well into it and just getting to the point where we’re getting pretty fired up. It’s just a question of logistics. The songs will not leave us alone.Seth Avett[1]

At their Memphis concert on September 22, 2017, Seth said they have been talking a lot about making a Third Gleam album. During an interview at the Pilgrimage Festival on September 24, 2017 when asked about their upcoming tenth album, Scott said:

We're working on it now. The process has begun.Scott Avett[2]

On December 21, 2017 in an interview before their annual New Year's Eve show, Scott Avett stated recording sessions are slated for February 2018 in Malibu with Rick Rubin:

We’ve already completed about 12 songs we talked with Rick about, and we’re trying to double that up with what’s going on now. We’re trying to do more recording of demos at home in hopes of finding a more natural beginning, a tone that’s more calm with no travel involved. Once we go off to Malibu or wherever, our families aren’t there, so it’s a different approach and mentality. The emotional work needs to be done before the mechanical work of making something great. So we roll out of bed, do the normal things at home and then wander over to the table or the studio and let it flow as naturally as possible.Scott Avett[3]

The week of February 12, 2018 several members of the band shared social media images of the Shangri-La recording studio in Malibu, California.[4] On July 27, 2018 Joe Kwon shared on Instagram that the album was still in the recording stage.[5] On September 4, Joe shared on Instagram that he and Tania Elizabeth were recording backup vocals for the album.[6] On October 11, 2018 the official @theavettbrothers Instagram account shared a photo of Scott Avett making album artwork for "new song...coming very soon!"[7]

On October 24 the band performed the as-yet-unreleased track "Roses and Sacrifice" on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The studio version of the single was released on November 16, 2018.

In an interview published October 30, 2018 Scott Avett stated:

We’re aiming to release at least one more song before the year is out and continue that pace into 2019. We’re in the process of mixing, so there might be a few last-minute additions and songs that grow, change, get added into the sets. It’s a shame, but songs get so much better the more they’re played, and they usually get recorded when they’re so young. But that’s how we work.

It’s by no means a political record, but it’s more about blatant social and political issues than ever before. One thing that’s always been consistent with us is, if we feel it needs to be said, write about it. That’s always been our way, to try to express ourselves in a way that’s interesting and that we believe in. It’s a tightrope, but the whole point of that is to stay balanced and on task. We’re not trying to avoid anything, just be sincere about what affects us. The temptation is to start talking about things you don’t know anything about.

Potential songsEdit

The Avett Brothers perform "Roses and Sacrifice" on Late Night, October 24 2018

The Avett Brothers perform "Roses and Sacrifice" on Late Night, October 24 2018

New since True Sadness
From the True Sadness sessions but unreleased
Long shots


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