On September 11, 2012 The Avett Brothers released their seventh studio album (and fourteenth album overall) titled The Carpenter. The album contains 12 songs and was produced by Rick Rubin and his company American Recordings.

The band has played select songs from the album at shows since 2009 but announced their first single "Live and Die" along with the album's title and release date on June 26, 2012. Album artwork and the full track listing were released on July 31, 2012. During it's first week of release The Carpenter reached #4 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 charts by selling 98,000 copies in its first seven days. The Carpenter was nominated for Best Americana Album Grammy at 55th annual Grammy Awards.

The Carpenter is available for purchase from The Avett Brother's official store.


  1. "The Once and Future Carpenter"
  2. "Live and Die"
  3. "Winter in My Heart"
  4. "Pretty Girl from Michigan"
  5. "I Never Knew You"
  6. "February Seven"
  7. "Through My Prayers"
  8. "Down with the Shine"
  9. "A Fathers First Spring"
  10. "Geraldine"
  11. "Paul Newman vs. the Demons"
  12. "Life"
  13. "Die Then Grow" (Target Exclusive)
  14. "Standing With You" (Target Exclusive)
  15. "The Clearness is Gone" (7" Exclusive)


A limited-edition box set included six demos from The Carpenter sessions:


The Avett Brothers The Carpenter Album Preview

The Avett Brothers The Carpenter Album Preview

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