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Welcome to The Avett Brothers Wiki, a fan-run website about the Americana band The Avett Brothers. This community is dedicated to building a database of the band's discography, songs, and biographies of the band members.

The Avett Brothers, founded in 2000 by brothers Seth Avett and Scott Avett, are a folk rock band from Concord, North Carolina. The band consists of Seth and Scott Avett on lead vocals and guitar and banjo, Bob Crawford on bass, Joe Kwon on cello; with Paul Defiglia on keyboard, Mike Marsh on drumkit and Tania Elizabeth on fiddle. The band has released nine studio albums and is constantly touring.

MP albums


MP live albums


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"No Hard Feelings" music video05:25

"No Hard Feelings" music video




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MP news


In February 2017 the first Avett Guild 7" arrived, featuring a cover of "Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John" and a demo of "Satan Pulls the Strings".

On June 24, 2016 The Avett Brothers released their 9th full-length album titled True Sadness. The album contains 12 songs covering a variety of genres.

MP songs


Popular songs

True Sadness tracks
  1. "Ain't No Man"
  2. "Mama I Don't Believe"
  3. "No Hard Feelings"
  4. "Smithsonian"
  5. "You Are Mine"
  6. "Satan Pulls the Strings"
  7. "True Sadness"
  8. "I Wish I Was"
  9. "Fisher Road to Hollywood"
  10. "Victims of Life"
  11. "Divorce Separation Blues"
  12. "May It Last"

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