"Pretty Girl from Raleigh" is a song by The Avett Brothers that appears on their 2003 album A Carolina Jubilee and their 2005 live album Live, Vol. 2.

The song features Seth on guitar and backup vocals, Scott on lead vocals and banjo, and Bob Crawford on upright bass. Live versions often include additional accompaniment. 


Pretty Girl From Raleigh - The Avett Brothers

Pretty Girl From Raleigh - The Avett Brothers



Who sold you this anger
I suspect it was your friends
Or was it a stranger
Convincing you that this was the end

And I would like to thank you
For coming round and doing this
My nights have been pretty painful
Losing that pain was always the trick

You always said that I was lying
That I was just a selfish man
But I already gave it all away
So you can let go of my selfish hand

So bye bye bye bye bye
I ain't got time to watch you cry
Cause I've been drinking seven hours now
Sympathy is a waste of my high

And I would like to say it hurts me (but it don't)
That I don't know just what to do (but I do)
But it don't hurt when you're just killing time
I was killing time and I think that you knew

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