Crackerfarm (Mike Beyer)

Mike Beyer with Bob Crawford and Mike Marsh in Malmö, Sweden in 2013 (photo via @pauldifiglia)

Crackerfarm, real name Mike Beyer, is the official videographer, photographer, and documentarian of The Avett Brothers. He began following the band around 2004 with partner Lindsey Rome with the original plan to create an electronic press kit, which later turned into a plan to release a documentary about the band. Lindsey departed in 2009 but Mike continues to follow the band as they record and tour.

The band and Crackerfarm frequently discuss putting out his content in a documentary, possibly funded by Kickstarter. In the meanwhile, Crackerfarm is known for his exclusive videos of the band and his behind-the-scenes snapshots of them at work in the studio and on the road, which he shares on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Electronic press kitEdit

Avett Brothers - Winter 2006 - Electronic Press Kit

Avett Brothers - Winter 2006 - Electronic Press Kit

Description from YouTube: The idea was that this would be an part of an electronic press kit for the Avett's then it sort of got abandoned when we all decided to just make a full-length documentary. So here's this lil thingy in the meantime.