Country Was is the second album by The Avett Brothers. It is the first album to feature Bob Crawford on upright bass and the first album released after they committed to the name "The Avett Brothers" so is occasionally referred to as their first real album.

It was self-released and sold at Avett Brothers shows as early as January 2002 and made available at record stores on August 15, 2002. It contains eight songs and runs for 26 minutes.

The original cover featured a black and white photo of Scott Avett. The 2009 digital release on iTunes and Amazon MP3 features a cover with a black and white photo of Seth Avett.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Pretty Girl from Matthews"
  2. "Jenny and the Summer Day"
  3. "A Lot of Moving"
  4. "November Blue"
  5. "My Losing Bet"
  6. "Beside the Yellow Line"
  7. "Old Wyom"
  8. "Closing Night"