A Carolina Jubilee is the second studio album by The Avett Brothers. It was released on August 19, 2003 on the Ramseur Records label. It was re-released for purchase in 2012. It contains 15 songs and runs for 59 minutes.

Initial copies of the album were packaged with a two-song untitled 2003 EP.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "The Traveling Song"
  2. "Love Like the Movies"
  3. "Sorry Man"
  4. "Me and God"
  5. "Pretty Girl from Raleigh"
  6. "Do You Love Him"
  7. "I Killed Sally's Lover"
  8. "Pretty Girl from Locust"
  9. "My Last Song to Jenny"
  10. "Walking for You"
  11. "The D Bag Rag"
  12. "Pretty Girl from Annapolis"
  13. "Smoke in Our Lights"
  14. "Offering"
  15. "August 15, 1985"

Performing musicians Edit