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• 3/23/2014

New Avett Brothers Song 3/20 Savannah Show

I was looking at the set list and I think the name of the new song is "You Got the Money". Unless that's the name of a different song that I can't think of right now! Anyone know for sure? 

That was my first Avett Brothers concert and I can't wait to see them again! So great! 

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• 3/24/2014

I'll never forget my first Avett show — looks like you got a great performance and setlist!

I listed the song as "My Words" for three reasons: 1) it seems to be the focal part of the song and the brothers more often than not name their songs after lyrics. 2) "You've Got the Money" doesn't seem to represent the content of the song itself. 3) The dialog between Scott and Seth on stage makes it seem the decision to play this song was possibly impromptu. 

I've definitely been wrong before. I called "Without You" "Different" until I saw the correct title.

• 3/25/2014

I'm sure I'll always remember this show as well! When they walked out and started with Amazing Grace I had the biggest smile and it lasted through the night! I really can't wait for my next concert. I might try to go to the Indianapolis concert in June. 

And yeah, I wasn't sure because I haven't heard any song called "You got the money" but saw it on the setlist.  I defenitely think "My Words" seems more fitting/ makes more sense! 

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